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Maternal and child pregnant women's school

Dear friends, happy weekend! I am Zhao Qin, a student of the maternity school. This weekend I was going to continue to study at the maternity school with everyone, but now I am accompanying my baby in the maternity and childbirth department. Looking at the bright sunshine outside the window, my heart is infinitely warm and grateful.

I felt uncomfortable in my sleep on a Friday night. I couldn't sleep after turning around a few times, so I started to go to the bathroom. I stumbled into a large size. After I finished looking down, how could there be blood! I was awake all of a sudden, rubbing is really blood, I thought I did n’t have much trouble, and went back to bed to lie down, but I could n’t sleep anymore, and my heart did n’t work up twice, and the toilet still had blood every time I wiped it. Time passed at three o'clock, let's just call and ask. So I called the emergency call for women and children and told me the situation. The doctor on duty said that if I was worried that I could come to the hospital to see it, I did n’t feel that it was a big deal. I thought I would go to the hospital again tomorrow morning. The birth checkup done during the day is not moving! Then I let my mother-in-law go to sleep. She pours water for me and asks me if I feel uncomfortable. It may be the first pregnancy and there is no pregnancy reaction during the whole pregnancy. I said it was okay. I felt that I just wanted to go to the toilet and had nothing else, so I wanted to wait until dawn, and lie down when I couldn't sleep. Lying in bed waiting for dawn, I suddenly remembered a sentence from teacher Xie this Thursday: I would rather run the hospital three times and not miss one ... I got up decisively and my mother-in-law didn't sleep. We prepared before we picked it up. Things are called cars to women and children. When I arrived at the hospital at about half past three, a doctor came to check me immediately. Miyaguchi opened a finger and said that this is the first child. It will not be so urgent. I will consider whether to live or not. At this time, a second-mother came to her, and after checking her palace, she opened her two fingers and then gave her other check-ups to arrange for hospitalization. During that time, I always wanted to go to the toilet, and after Cai Ting came over to finish saying that my baby's fetal head was very low, I suggested to be hospitalized. At that time, I always thought of Teacher Xie's sentence and decided to be hospitalized decisively. I finished the hospitalization until the bed was lying about 5:30. At this time, the stomach began to feel pain. I called the doctor. I knew it was a contraction. I started to record time about 5 minutes and 6 minutes. I felt very uncomfortable. I called the doctor to check the one-and-a-half-finger mouth opening. I thought about the painless delivery I heard in the previous lesson, and asked the doctor about the painlessness. The doctor said that I had to open three fingers before the birth to make it painless. Let me Forbearance, having a child must go through this painful process. I continued to lie on the bed. When the contractions came, it was really painful. I felt sweat every time. I wanted to go to the toilet every time. I ran a few times and had nothing but a little blood. Later, I just ran away and lay on the bed hard. This time, it hurts again and again at about seven o'clock and dawn dawned. I ran to the nursing station to ask the nurse what to eat, and she said to eat whatever she wanted. I called and asked my dad to buy food for me. I was really hungry. After 8 o'clock my parents brought the food and started to prepare food. I did n’t want to go to the toilet after eating a few mouthfuls, so I just went to squat. After a big piece of blood came down, I panicked and stood in the toilet and called mom. The mother quickly called to the nurse. The nurse asked me what it felt like when I said I wanted to have a bowel movement. She asked me to lie down. I came to check for a while, I found that the mouth of the palace had reached seven fingers, and then called to the doctor, the doctor arranged to enter the delivery room at a glance, and the food was not eaten at this time. Things to use in the delivery room.

I was pushed into the delivery room at 8:40, and then a beautiful woman named Zhang came, and she said she would always be by my side. I told her, I asked her if I was about to have a baby, and I was still thinking about it. Painless, let her hit me. She said that it was meaningless to hit you with 7 fingers, and I said that it wasn't blunt. I thought of a sadness in the contractions of the two hours that evening. Mei Zhang said it was okay, I will be there, we need to cooperate, and then she started to prepare for work, and taught me how to breathe so that I do n’t exert force, but it was really painful, I felt that I could n’t control it at all, and I was fine several times When she wanted to call, she kept telling me that she couldn't call, she taught me to inhale and exhale. She always praised me for being great and doing very well. In fact, I was out of control and just mechanically followed her to inhale and exhale. Later, when she was going to write the information next to her, I couldn't help but screamed twice. She immediately came over and asked me if my family would like to accompany me to say no, the husband is still on the way back, she said that she should call one. I asked my mother to come in. I still felt pain after the mother came in, but Zhang Mei has been encouraging me to inhale and exhale, so I do n’t know how long it took, she told me that I could follow her to try harder, Forced to relax under her guidance, she has been encouraging me to be particularly good and brave. This time I have to cooperate more, even if I close my eyes after a few pains, I want to faint. She made me try to open my eyes to find a target to look at. Come on, you're great. Her guidance and encouragement has always been in her ears. "Wow", it felt like the whole person was floating for a while, and my mother said at 9:35, another nurse around me confirmed the time. "Zhao Qin, you are awesome, baby, come out, boy, 3650 "K" in the voice of Mei Zhang, I was awake: My baby was born! This is too fast, I said excitedly to Zhang Meili thank you! She said that you are good with me. I will help you handle the placenta and side cut wounds. It will hurt a bit. You still have to inhale or exhale or let your mother hold the baby. It will be much better to watch the baby. The mother came to my head holding the wrapped baby, and looked at the baby's small mouth pursed. One eye was half-closed and then closed again. He was trying to open his eyes and then passed. It ’s been a long time that the other straight eye cracked open for a day and the seam could n’t be opened. I thought that it was so troublesome for the baby to open his eyes. How hard it took him to come here! I remembered a sentence I heard in class. The process of having a child is not a mother ’s business. Every baby is working hard with her mother to come to this world. I ’m so moved and my baby is very good. Ah, how much effort did it take for me to give birth to him so smoothly, all my attention was focused on the little face of the baby, and those hard-opening eyes looked full of emotion in my heart. I didn't notice the pain, they were done with it, and then they hugged the baby to feed and took us to the observation room to rest. At 11:30, my baby and I came out from the delivery room and looked at the sun outside. I felt infinitely grateful.
I am especially grateful to the teacher here, and thankfully I remembered her words in class on Thursday, otherwise it would be unthinkable to wait for dawn at home. In addition, I am grateful to Zhang Mei, who gave me a birth, if she did not encourage and guide me and my baby, they will not be so smooth, and they will disintegrate in less than an hour. Although she kept saying that I cooperated well, I knew how important her patient guidance was. I would like to share these with you here. I want to tell my colleagues that having a child is not that terrible. A mother who wants to give birth must have confidence in herself, exercise more during pregnancy, come to a pregnant school, and go home to practice. I remember after learning breathing in class, I often inhaled and exhaled in the neighborhood against a particularly good camellia blooming in a tree. Sometimes I looked at the fish in the fish pond downstairs and inhaled and exhaled. Anyway, when I was in a daze, I was in a daze, so when I was born, the midwife guided me to inhale and exhale mechanically. Now I think that it has something to do with my usual stupidity! Therefore, we must cherish every lesson in pregnant women's school, and it will be really helpful to go home and practice. Everyone who can be a mother is very brave, as long as you believe that you can be a very good mother, and our babies work with us. Mothers who want to have a childbirth must take good classes during pregnancy and exercise more. I hope everyone can have a smooth birth and mother and child are safe!