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[Traditional Chinese Medicine] Winter Solstice Health

The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year and the longest day of the year.

    Many old diseases are most likely to occur during this period, such as the respiratory system and urinary system diseases at this time. In order to prevent disease outbreaks and promote human health during this period, Chinese medicine believes that it is necessary to rest in peace, and it is a good time to enter the winter tonic from the beginning of the winter solstice. During this period, the combination of heaven and earth, yin and yang, and qi in the universe can promote the initiation of yang in the human body. At the same time, the human body consumes relatively less. After supplementation, it can exert the maximum medicinal effect and can be stored for the longest time.

“秋冬养阴”的原则外,此时也要注意养阳的问题。 In addition to paying attention to the "autumn and winter nourishing yin" principle, we should also pay attention to raising yang at this time. Because the yang in the human body promotes, warms, defends, and fixes, it is the basic substance that constitutes the human body and maintains human life activities, and the yang is rising during the winter solstice. At this time, protecting the yang is the key. Don't make your emotions too extreme, so as not to disturb the sun, you should lie down and get up early to protect the sun. At the same time pay attention to cold and keep warm, everything should pay attention to Yang Yang Yin. Winter is a period of many chronic illnesses. It is necessary to conform to the hidden yang in the body, and to take the sun as the foundation to ensure that life activities adapt to changes in nature.

As the saying goes: the winter solstice makes up for one year and is full of energy. Winter solstice nourishing cream is preferred . 膏方服用一般由冬至 “一九”开始,至“立春”而止,大约45天,为来年春夏万物复苏、机体精力旺盛提供充分的物质基础。 Through the dialectical prescription and the compatibility of medicinal materials, the cream can effectively regulate the human body's prosperity and decline, and supplement the body's yin and yuanyang . The cream is generally taken from the winter solstice to the nineteenth day to the beginning of the spring, about 45 God provides a sufficient material foundation for the revival of everything in the spring and summer of next year and the vitality of the body. Regarding the choice of the winter cream, the Taoist doctor reminded that the cream should be combined with the seasonal factors and the symptoms of each person to identify the corresponding cream through physical identification.

“三九贴”是一种穴位贴敷疗法,即在每年三九天用中药外敷特定的穴位,以达到祛除和预防多种疾病的一种中医传统外治疗法。 Winter solstice health sanjiu paste: "Sanjiu paste" is a type of acupoint application therapy, that is, a traditional acupoint traditional Chinese medicine treatment method that uses Chinese medicine to apply specific acupoints externally on three or nine days a year. Applying acupoints for medicinal application in winter can not only consolidate the effect of summer "winter disease and summer treatment" application, but also control the onset of the disease, and achieve winter and summer treatment, so that patients get more ideal curative effect. "Thirty-nine supplements a winter, no pain in the coming year."

至养生注意事项 〗: [ Winter Solstice Health Precautions ]:

    起居养生,顺应自然规律,收养好阳气。 1 Living and keeping fit, following the laws of nature, adopting good yang.

精神养生,保证充足睡眠,保持好心态。 2 mental health, to ensure adequate sleep and maintain a good attitude.

勤晒被褥健康过冬。 3 Qin sun bedding healthy winter.

冬至静养延年益寿。 4 The winter solstice rests and prolongs life.

严冬时节注意老年人低体温。 5 pay attention to the hypothermia of the elderly in the severe winter season.

医药膳养生 1 润肺益胃 --- 枸杞羊肉粥(润肺养胃) [ Traditional Chinese Medicine Diet and Health ] 1 Nourishing Lung and Stomach --- Wolfberry Lamb Porridge

材料:枸杞子 30 克,羊肉 100 克,大米 150 克,葱白,食盐,味精各适量。 Materials: 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry , 100 grams of mutton , 150 grams of rice , light white, salt, MSG.

做法:将大米,羊肉,枸杞,葱白一同放入砂锅中,加适量清水,大火煮成粥即可,食时加味精,食盐,有养肝阴,温肾阳的功效。 Method: Put rice, mutton, wolfberry, and onion together in a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook the porridge with high heat. Add MSG and salt when eating, which has the effects of nourishing liver yin and warming kidney yang.

    Taro porridge (tonify liver and spleen)

材料:鲜芋头 100 克,粳米 100 克,白糖少许。 Materials: 100 grams of fresh taro, 100 grams of japonica rice , a little sugar.

做法:将芋头洗净去皮切成小块,与粳米一同放入砂锅中,加适量清水煮开,后转小火熬至米熟粥成,加入白糖,再稍煮开即成。 Methods: Wash and peel the taro and cut into small pieces. Put it into the casserole with the rice, boil it with an appropriate amount of water, turn to low heat and boil until the rice is cooked, add sugar, and boil it a little bit. It has the effect of nourishing the liver and strengthening the spleen and kidney.

    Litchi Yam Lotus Meat Congee (Yiqi Jianpi)

材料:干荔枝 15 枚,山药,莲肉各 15 克,粳米 150 克, Materials: 15 dried lychees , 15 grams of yam, lotus meat , 150 grams of japonica rice ,

做法:将所有食材加水适量一同放入砂锅,大火煮沸,小火熬制成粥 Practice: Put all ingredients into water casserole, boil on high heat and boil on low heat to make porridge

按照传统中医理论,滋补通常可分为四类,补气,补血,补阴,补阳。 [Types of food tonic ] According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, nourishing can usually be divided into four categories: qi, blood, yin and yang.

补气食品:是指具有益气健脾功效,对气虚证有补益作用的食品,如大米,糯米,花生,山药,胡萝卜,豆浆,鸡肉等。 Qi-enriching food: refers to the food that has the effect of nourishing qi and strengthening the spleen, and has the effect of nourishing qi, such as rice, glutinous rice, peanut, yam, carrot, soybean milk, chicken, etc.

补血食品:是指血虚证者有补益作用的食品,如动物肝脏,动物血制品,龙眼肉,荔枝肉,桑葚,黑木耳,菠菜,猪肉等。 Blood-supplementing food: refers to foods with blood deficiency syndrome, such as animal liver, animal blood products, longan meat, litchi meat, mulberry, black fungus, spinach, pork, etc.

补阳食品:是指具有补阳助火,对阳虚证有补益作用的食品,如狗肉,羊肉,虾类,鹿肉等。 Buyang food: refers to foods with Buyang to help fire, and has a beneficial effect on yang deficiency syndrome, such as dog meat, mutton, shrimp, venison and so on.

补阴食品:是指具有滋养阴液,生津润燥的功效,对阴虚证有补益作用的食品,如银耳,木耳,梨,牛奶,鸡蛋,葡萄,白菜等。 Yin food: refers to foods that have the effects of nourishing yin, moisturizing and moisturizing, and have a beneficial effect on Yin deficiency syndrome, such as Tremella, fungus, pear, milk, eggs, grapes, cabbage and so on.

1 忌盲目食 2 忌虚实不分 3 忌慕名进补 4 忌无病进补 〖Nourishing precautions 1 Avoid blind eating 2 Avoid real and no difference 3 Avoid admiring tonic 4 Avoid illness-free tonic

1 心脏保健按摩内关穴:坚持按摩内关穴,对于心脏有着良好的保健作用,尤其是预防心肌梗塞有着显著的效果。 〖Acupoint care 1Heart health care Neiguan acupoint: insisting on massaging Neiguan acupoint has a good health effect on the heart, especially preventing myocardial infarction. In addition, massage of Neiguan points has a relief effect on coronary heart disease and angina.

    T 淋巴细胞的转换率,可以说按摩这一个穴位,对于人体带来的好处是无穷无尽的。 Extending life to massage Zusanli points: Massage Zusanli points can effectively protect the spleen and stomach of the human body. Massage Zuzuli points can make qi and blood strong, and can enhance the functions of the internal organs in the human body, and even enhance the conversion rate of T lymphocytes. It can be said that massaging this acupuncture point will bring endless benefits to the human body.

    Massage Hegu Acupoint: Hegu Acupoint is a natural analgesic for the human body. When the body suffers from headaches, toothaches and other various pains, massage Hegu Acupoint can effectively relieve it.

    Protecting the middle point of waist massage: The point of Weizhong has the effects of promoting blood circulation, removing stasis, and relieving pain and pain. If you want to protect your body's health in life, you may wish to massage this point, especially for middle-aged and elderly people. The massage acupoints can effectively protect the health of the waist and reduce the chance of waist disease.